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Tori Lynne is a Sex EducatorSex Geekdom Emissary, Makeup Artist, and Supporter of the Oxford Comma. She is a strong believer in writing your own story and defying the social scripts that are laid out before us.

Tori Lynne is passionate about Sex Education, Consent, and Pleasure. She has a relentless desire to help others learn about these topics and to increase awareness of social justice issues.

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Tori is an emissary for the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Mi Sex Geekdom hub. Sex Geekdom is a global community for Sex Positive people that like to have Geeky Conversations about Sex!


Have a group that wants to learn more about Sex? Tori is a Sex Educator and Speaker available for Workshops and presentations on a variety of topics relating to adult sex education.


The Sex Positive community is loaded with amazing people and organizations with all kinds of unique expertise. This is the place to find the information and people you are looking for.