About Me

Defying Social Scripts

Tori Lynne is a Sex Educator, Sex Geekdom Emissary, Makeup Artist, and Supporter of the Oxford Comma. She is a strong believer in writing your own story and defying the social scripts that are laid out before us. Some things that are most important to her are:

  • Making Good Information More Available to Those That Need It
  • Creating Safe Spaces
  • Helping People Overcome Shame
  • Openness
  • Seeking Uninhibited Bliss


Life is a Multiple Choice Question with No Wrong Answers

As a Sex Educator in Southeast Michigan she loves teaching people about sex and sexuality in sex-positive ways that diminish shame and empower people. Tori feels strongly about teaching people about all their options not just the ones they see in standard social scripts. As long as everything is among consenting adults, Life is a Multiple Choice Question with No Wrong Answers. This applies to relationships, identities, and practices. She has always been a go-to resource for those close to her about anything related to sex or sexual health. She is a natural Beacon of Permission, and cherishes the experiences others have chosen to share with her.

Sex Geekdom is just one more place Tori talks about sex! She (along with her co-emissary Craig) run a monthly discussion group in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. Sex Geekdom is a safe space for anyone that likes to have nuanced meaningful conversations about SEX. It is a NON-Hookup space that values sex-positivity, inclusivity, and respect for boundaries. Sex Geekdom is a place for sex-positive community.

Tori has a weakness for makeup. She is a makeup artist when the opportunity arises. From weddings to Halloween makeup she loves it all! Though she has a special soft spot for sparkle and bright colors! She is does special event makeup, one-on-one tutorials, and consultations.

Finally… Tori is a grammar nerd. She supports the Oxford Comma. If you don’t understand why, Google “Oxford Comma JFK Stalin Strippers”. Did you do it? Ok, now you understand.

Beacon of Permission