Little Black Box

Tori Lynne is a Senior Intimacy Consultant for Little Black Box.

Little Black Box has a mission to help women and couples find the intimate accessories they desire in a safe and fun atmosphere. We sell sex toys and other intimate accessories at Trunk Shows and through private consultations. Little Black Box strives to be different, we care about the health and safety of our customers; this means we have a focus on education and only sell body safe products.

Intimacy. Sex. Desire. Fulfillment. Communication.

Intimacy. Sex. Desire. Fulfillment. Communication. They’re all important parts of the conversation; when you recognize that intimacy is more than red lipstick and lingerie, that’s when the conversation really begins.

What Goes on at a Little Black Box Trunk Show?

At a Little Black Box Trunk Show a LBB Intimacy Consultant comes to your home to teach about Pleasure Anatomy, answer questions, and show some products. You invite some friends, possibly provide some snacks, and the Intimacy Consultant provides you and your friends with a fun and informative event.

First your Little Black Box Intimacy Consultant will present some information on pleasure anatomy, some sex ed from the perspective of pleasure. LBB Consultants are trained to present in a way that is fun and welcoming, so guests will be at ease and feel comfortable asking questions. Next the Consultant will bring out some products so that your guests can see and touch (with their hands) the products. Finally each guest will have an opportunity to privately ask question of the Intimacy Consult and make purchases. Your Intimacy Consultant can work with you to customize your show to best suit your guests.

Contact Tori Lynne to book a party in Southeast Michigan. If you are outside of that area Tori may be able to help you find an Intimacy Consultant in your area.

What Do You Mean by “Body Safe”?

Little Black Box is committed to only selling products that are healthy and body safe.

The sex toy industry is completely unregulated. This means that there are no regulations on what these types of products can be made of. The primary reason this occurs is that these types of products are sold as “Adult Novelties”, so basically everyone is pretending these types of products are only being sold as gag gifts. I know that’s not true. You know that’s not true. Pretty much everyone knows it isn’t true… but they get away with it by just putting that wording on their packaging. It’s really disappointing. These unsafe products usually fall into two categories: porous and toxic.

Porous toys cannot be adequately cleaned, this means that microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, and viruses) can stay in or on the toy. Using these types of products can cause the spread of infections or cause a person to reinfect themselves with the same infection over and over. To add to the problem often materials that are not non-porous are often mislabeled as materials that are safe.

Toxic toys are made of plastics that contain phthalates; phthalates are chemicals that can cause cancer and possibly other illnesses. These types of plastics cannot be used in children’s toys or pet toys, but because of the lack of regulations can be used in sex toys. Needless to say, this isn’t something you want to intentionally introduce to mucus membranes of your body.

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