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Tori is an emissary for the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Sex Geekdom hub. Sex Geekdom is a global community for people who love having geeky conversations about sex. There are Sex Geekdom hubs throughout the US and internationally that provide a regular opportunity for like-minded people to find safe space + community. After Tori attended her first Sex Positive conference she had a longing to have Sex Positive community back home. To her Sex Geekdom is a little slice of the conferences that felt like home to her heart, right where her physical home is.

Sex Geekdom was founded in Melbourne, Australia by Tori’s mentor, sex educator Kate McCombs, in June of 2012. Kate’s now based in New York City and continues to run Sex Geekdom events.

If you are interested in Sex Geekdom check out the website, or join a local Sex Geekdom Facebook group.

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