Dr. Jeana Jorgensen

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen


Dr. Jeana Jorgensen holds a PhD from Indiana University. Her main areas of study include gender & sexuality in fairy tales, sexual storytelling, body art & dance, and feminism & queer theory. She teaches college courses on anthropology, folklore, and gender, women’s, and sexuality studies, as well as adult sex education. Her work is published in academic journals and noted blogs like MySexProfessor.com, kinkly.com, and YourTango.com.

Whether through her research, blogging, teaching, or coaching, Dr. Jeana emphasizes how cultural context shapes everyone’s gender identity and sexual experiences. She studies communication techniques and negotiation practices that cross over between monogamous, non-mongamous, and kink/BDSM circles. These insights not only benefit all relationship styles and orientations but also help destigmatize non-mainstream practices, thereby contributing to better understanding of and tolerance for all (as well as being an excuse to use big words and thereby make sapiosexuals very, very happy).

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I’m a co-emissary of Sex Geekdom Indy, helping bring sex-positive conversations to the greater Indianapolis area.