Ruby Ryder

Ruby Ryder


Ruby Ryder of is a podcaster, writer, blogger, and sex educator. She has moderated panels at CatalystCon East and West, been a speaker on the main stage at the BIL conference, and spoken at DomCon. Her erotica is in Violet Blue’s ‘Best Women’s Erotica 2014.’

Since 2010, Ruby has uncovered a wealth of information in her dive down the rabbit hole of pegging. She teaches people how to safely explore the role reversal, the extraordinary levels of prostate pleasure, benefits of prostate health, and the deeper intimacy that results from experiencing sex from the opposite side of the bed, so to speak. She’s also become an outspoken proponent of body-safe non-toxic sex toys.

Ruby spends her time teaching, consulting, writing, and doing everything she can to encourage a sex-positive society. She resides in Southern California near the beach, and loves watching the surfers change out of their wet suits.

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