Samantha Fraser

Samantha Fraser

Samantha Fraser is a relationship coach, poly advocate, author, and event producer.

She is the founder and executive producer of Playground sexuality conference in Toronto, co-founder/co-host of the Tell Me Something Good sexy storytelling podcast and live events, and author of Not Your Mother’s Playground: a realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy, open relationships available on Amazon, and direct from the author on her site.

Samantha loves discussing taboo subjects openly, with wit and a side of personal experience. She has spoken at various conferences about non-monogamy, kink, media, body-positivity, and communication including Momentum, Playground, Atlanta Poly Weekend, and PolyCon, where she was the 2013 keynote.

She has appeared on/in CBC DocZone’s Thoroughly Modern Marriage & The Truth About Female Desire, CityTV, CIUT 89.5 SexCity Radio, Global News, Toronto Life, SexMatters, InnerSPACE, National Post, Metro, The Toronto Sun, Filament Magazine, and other sexuality focused websites, radio shows, and podcasts.

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